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We want you to help us make the right changes.

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Homo Naturalis is the educational institution that functions and operates in cyberspace and it is defined as being the exact opposite of both a public and a private institution. The definition might strike you as vague but it is concise enough to present our identity in a few words.
 We hereby present you with an example that it will assist you in fully perceiving the identity of Homo Naturalis. Primarily, a public university in Greece is run by the government; the government is the sole owner and employer and the dominant former of the institute’s ideological basis. (The autonomy of the Greek university is a monstrous invention and a product of a simple transaction between the politicians and the university scholars. A pompous myth, which is maintained, in order for the prestige of these higher-education national institutions to be sustained and for its government-funded employees) . The state funds these institutions and it  demands in return, total conform of the employees and sole use of their services, necessary for such type of authority to survive. (Mainly, production and cultivation of a dominant ideology, a range of capable manpower and brains at its disposal etc.). For this, public university is nothing else other than another public service, which is operated and sustained by scared-abandoned public servants-tutors of lower stochastic and educational background and the worst of all is, that these public servants show the lowest of morals. Thus, it produces exactly the same questionable results as the rest of the public services of this country.
 On the other hand, the private university does not differ much in function from  the public institution. In this case, the role of the employer is played either by a single person, the owner, or by a company. Their objectives are quite the same in both cases, but the main objective of the owner of a private institution is undeniably to make profit. The way all Greeks experience it and perceive it, the main characteristic of a Greek public service is its slow-moving-“not caring much” attitude towards its purpose. While in the private sector there is greater flexibility that is why it is more demanding when it comes to its employees and their efficiency. There are not any other notable differences between the public and the private university and those who invent new ones or support them, they are doing so either due to true ignorance or for their own convenience.
 Homo Naturalis begins its operation by introducing its school of History and it is hopeful that in time, new schools and disciplines will be added. The inventor and creator of the Homo Naturalis is a History-Archaeology graduate of a Greek public University and a Doctor of History in a public university abroad. He has taught for many years in second-grade and higher-education institutions from which he quit due to great ideological-scientific disputes fighting against the educational establishment. (Mentioning his name is not deemed necessary, since this would be against homo Naturalis’s policy and philosophy which is to fight against fame, and ambition and vanity and all things related. The author will sign his work by his initials N.A. Historian.)
 The objectives of Homo Naturalis are specific and clear and these are summed up  below:
To restore the truth regarding our historical past which has been slaughtered by the so-called  engagi historians.
To present an objective narration of modern historical events by using the historical methods which will be analysed in our specialized lessons.
The exchange of ideas and the formation of a community, whose members will have the same outlook on life, having Homo Naturalis (The Natural  Human) as the dominant idea.
The recruiting of people who in the future will work professionally in the field of History.
The cultivation and promotion of a comprehensible scientific speech ( simplification of the scientific speech and ridding it off all its extravagances used by those who maintain it as such, in order to impress those who do not know).
The laconic presentation of the essence of things.

 Feel free to register, visit, attend the lessons and take part in Homo Naturalis as you wish, for no restrictions are applied; provided that you respect what is presented within the pages of this site. Censorship, loss of temper or lack of seriousness are not in accordance to the varsity community of Homo Naturalis.


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