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If you wave flags and you  feel proud when you hear the national anthem

If you don t  respect the stranger, the immigrant, the "different"

If you close your eyes to the true history of the "Nations"

You are too  an instigator of the crime in Norway


A  like you nationalist  killed  many people  because his sick mind was the same as yours











The world  is shocked by the double murderous  attacking  that occurred Friday in Norway. The dead are at least 91, while several are injured and extensive disasters. Around 16:30 (GMT) explosion bomb struck government buildings in Oslo, killing seven people. Shortly afterwards, at least 84 people were dropping dead at the youth camp of the ruling party on the island Outogia when the murderer  who was disguised as policeman opened fire on pooled. For the 'worst national disaster since the Second World War "spoke the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenmpergk. The international community condemned the attacks. Eliminate the possibility of involvement of international terrorist organizations.




In  the Extreme right seems to be ultimately the perpetrator of the massacre in Oslo. An ardent nationalist with  a racist  views and Nazi  orientations.

All these fundamentalists in all lengths and widths so much resemble each other in what they say and what they do either  wear a turban- costume Islam, or the swastika and other insignia of fascism.

The  religious, nationalistic bigotry  have their main base in unbridled egoism, individualism, the cult of power - violence and low education-iq, a combination that kills ... literally.

The nationalists  in the "Golden Dawn" are no   less dangerous in our country too . Major responsibility in fostering blind nationalism and racist insanity have  in Greece  the "instigators"  Theodorakis, Zouraris, Papathemelis, Plevris, Karatzaferis.

  Not forget too the danger from the last ... harvest of nationalism  ("Spitha and "indignant").

 All these are "bombs" ready to explode..










 Goran Chatzits (Croatian Serb): He was arrested

He is  responsible for the massacre of almost 300 men in Vukovar in 1991 by Croatian Serbs soldiers and for the expulsion of about 20,000 people from the city.



At last!! An inhuman  criminal Serb in the "dock"

He was   loved by many Greeks, because he was  an Orthodox. He was  considered a hero.

Now he will be punished for his crimes , his atrocities, however, are not forgiven.

Any  punishment is not enough for such a BEAST. His arrest and punishment have only symbolic importance.











A young man said: "The cops gave me a bag with firebombs and then they said the bombs are mine and I was  arrested"





Some cops in Greece behave like in  a Third World country.

Maybe Greece is a... Fourth  World country!

But this is not possible!

There are some  prudent cops.

Why don t they  isolate  their psychopathic colleagues;













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Immediate evocation at the international court of Hague of:

 George Bush, Hamid Karzai and Abdul Rasid Dostoum for the beastly carnage of 8000 prisoners in Afghanistan.


The monster of SS John Demianouk, guard on the Polish camp in 1943, where 27000 Hebrews lost their life, today is almost 90 years old.

 We wish he gets convicted before he regurgitates his dirty soul.


A younger monster-neo-Nazi, supporter of the German extreme right party, stabbed the pregnant pharmacist Margouel El Serbini inside the court of Dresden, because the unfortunate woman was Muslim and was wearing the traditional veil.

History has never produced worst freaks than Nazis!


“Just leave the nightmares for later on. Now you should Kill”, was ordering an Israelite commandant during the invasion in Gaza on December of 2008.

Atrocity is the common element between the contemporary fascism in Gaza and the older one of Aousvits.




   Fifty innocent people were killed in Indonesia.Τwo fundamentalists- Muslims  blew a hotel.


What about the flu, finally? Contrasting views. Can the virus mutate and live the Spanish flu epidemic?

  I do not believe  it for one single reason. In 1918, there was no health infrastructure. Today is different. If the virus mutated, there will be no 50 million dead people. Perhaps half a million.


Israel will strike Iran? The militarism in Iran have the bomb and throw it.
Many crimes are done by the governments of Israel on the Palestinians. We have complained many times.
  Currently, however, Israel is the only solution for the Mediterranean.



Why is it news if the actor Robert Rentfornt, who is 72 years, married a woman 52;



On 17 June 2009, the page NEWSPAPER will not publish texts. In this way we express our anger to the murder of Natalia Estemirova from the dictator of Russia.

(You can read more on the FRONT PAGE).




A fourteen years old gipsy girl, who committed a petty theft, was convicted in six years of reclusion. She witnessed the discharge from prison of drug dealers, dangerous lifers and other similar criminals, whereas she is still in!

Sure, Christina is a social danger… She is their mirror. So let her rot in prison! You do not want her out because she ruins your icon, sons o a gun!

Go to hell putrid people, go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!



Using home made bombs and arsons, the fire-brands set up commotions in the whole country. “Group of a summer night”, “Fiery path”, “Revolutionary Independent movement”, “Immoral hooligans”, “Anarchists of action” and other similar groups, every day attack banks, houses of ex ministers, tax offices, police cars and every other thing that moves…

Acting like this, achieve only one thing: They just play a solid authority game! They give to the authorities the alibi they need to become more cruel and atrocious. Sometimes, a terrifying thought crosses my mind. Is it possible that behind all these actions is hiding the murky face of the subterranean state? There is no other explanation for the existence of such foolish minds, who believe they do something useful by burning down the Citibank at Kavalla.

All those fire-brands, just throw oil in fire. Some of them are junkies, whose mind is stacked in one word: Revenge! Or, they want to keep in shape, to be ready to grab a purse, to rob the niggardly pension of the olds, to shoot the Pakistan employee of the petrol station…

They are as dangerous and immoral, as the members of Chrysi Augh and the rest fascists, the subterranean state, the Rambo-cops and the corrupted public employees. They do not do politics. They externalize animal instincts. Do not pay attention to them!



Once again the Greek education is upside down. The changes start from the nursery school and arrive at high school. Nobody really remembers how many educational reformations happened the last years in Greece. In England, they would discuss it at least 50 years to make such upheaval changes! But ok! Here is Balkans! We are “decisive” people!


The …rebel syndicalist and ex president of Poland, Lech Valesa out of the blue, turned fanatic Catholic (probably he was since he was born)! He is trying really hard to persuade Madonna, to cancel her concert in Poland that is set for the 15th of August, because it is Holly Maria’s feast! Lech Valesa, a worthy antagonist of the Iranian Achmadinezad!



Charles Taylor, the ex president of Liberia, who is tried at Hague for murders, rapes, sexual enslavement, terrorism, tortures and the rest of the penal code, pleads… INNOCENT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!





Cancer bedevils Europe! 3,2 million people get sick annually. It is estimated that one in three persons will have to affront the disease. The most important causes are: alimentation, smoking, alcohol,  pesticides and environmental contamination.


The British authorities estimate that until the end of August, every day will break out 100.000 cases of the new  epidemic (swine flu).The sanitary services of the country declined that the epidemic influenza  has mild signs and there is no reason of anxiety.


The Taliban and Laden call themselves believers and religious! But the money is important, specially the narco-dollars! In south Afghanistan, in huge areas, those paranoid criminals are cultivating opium and then they trade it, collecting colossal earnings. four days ago, Americans attacked those areas with the purpose to drive off the drug dealers. The never announced the results of the assault.







This indescribable Greek politician, whose life and career are pattern of corruption for the modern Greek politician, should be punished from the European justice, at least in a symbolic way! Greek justice does not dare to do so, because in this country justice depends from the politics. So, it is impossible to commit such decisive acts.
Does anyone have the guts to do so?


                       THE BLACK MONEY OF SIEMENS

The inquisitor Zagorianos and the district attorney Nikolopoulos hesitated to take into custody the former official of Pasok Th.Tsoukatos, who used to charged the cashes of the party with dirty money. Exists an old Greek proverb that talks about… silk and breeches…


  Riffling a local newspaper of the island Euboea, in the column social-funerals, we noticed the names of ten deceased people. Six of them were between 90-102 years old, three 80-89 and one 72 years old. Reading the same column in an Athenian gazette we noted 14 funerals in three days. The ages of the deceased persons are apportioned as: 1=93, 4=80-90, 4=70-79, 4=52-69, 1=28. 
We have nothing else to add. The facts are speaking very clear!

And something else from the same Euboean paper. At the column advertisements someone published what follows: In sale building plot 450 square meters, on the provincial road Drosia-Loukisia, into the dorp… proprietor… price: 280.000 Euros!!! (The exclamation marks are our initiative). It seems that London has moved to Euboea and nobody realized it on time! 280.000 Euros for a 450 square meters field? You must be kidding ungodly owner!
Now, tell me does or does not deserve baguette on the arse, the ruffian owner? And after the light assault the only thing to do is to put him up on a donkey, with his face staring at the donkey’s croup and a huge sign with the insolent advertisement pendulous on his neck, and pass him round Drosia-Loukisia for emulation! He totally deserves that! But these days, to find a donkey is not the easiest thing, you can readily find the baguette, but not the donkey as nobody uses him anymore!

And since lately we hear a lot about black (really black) money, read this old statement of those honest-to-goodness Greeks, patriots, orthodoxies, really dexters and other fiddle-faddle, deputies of LAOS. They said: “You will take such a fright if you count the deposits of the Greeks in Switzerland. Declare (they suggest at the government) we legalize all that money, without taking thoughts about their origins, as long as you buy government bonds” (12-02-09). Hey you, little bozo with the squeaky voice on the TV panels, and you brilliant son of eminent father (with the name Plevris), I would love to release you for one day in the field of Mr. Apostolis at Marathon (tragic father who lost his beloved son because he accidentally tangled with heroin dealers). And I will wait to see if you have the nerd to say those words-Hubris you stated at the parliament, you murky pip-squeaks! And I would also love to see the moustached farmer with the mattock on the hands, listening to you… (So, what do you think? May I arrange an appointment with Apostolis? To tell him all this balls you declared at the parliament? You know what I am talking about right? For the legalization of the narco-euros, you fascist bums).



  There is a remarkable input of dirty money in the cashes of the Greek parliamentarian parties. The same parties that consistently asking the exemplary castigation of the corruption.
That’s right. When the unincorporated in the system citizens will give rise to the real uncorrupted courts, ALL but ALL the politicians will join Mr. Sanidas in jail, as they are ALL accomplices in illegal actions like the laundry of black money.

The medical coroner that examined Michael Jackson’s cadaver at Los Angeles declared that his face was full of cicatrices, consequence of the countless surgical interventions. The bone of his nose was non-existent, he had lost his hair, his body was covered by wounds and his total weight was 51 kilogrammes. Nature punishes those people who commit the ancient Greek Hubris.  It is a natural law and nobody can infract it without consequences.

The results of recent statistics notify us about problems that Greeks are having with the erection, the sperm and the sexual intercourse in general. Lots of them or are totally incapable to commit sexual actions or they have weak sperm and other fertility problems. Greek men are desperate after a European survey that classifies them last in terms “nature lineaments” (only 9 points in average). It seems that the myth of the proverbial “greek lover” has collapsed. These facts help us to explain the ascertainments of another statistic that declines the continuum growing number of plastic surgery interventions, with the purpose to increase the length of the penis. (So ladies, when the so called greek lovers are trying to impress you with their … credentials… be skeptic! And if you nod in something really big… don’t exclude the possibility of the silicon!)


                                             2009-06-30 (17.45)

The statistics in Greece says that woman now have children at 35.

After 40 starts the menopause in woman.

The man can make children  in an old age.
This is a natural law .

Nobody can do the opposite of nature without punishment.

The woman can make sex for her pleasure,  with a younger man.It s a natural law.

In marriage or serious relationship for children the things change.

The man must be older than woman at least 15 years.

Nobody can forbid a man who is 50 years to acquire a child.

Other rules apply if you want sex for pleasure and others if we want to have children.


The partners in the relationship should feel free.

But first we must feel that they respect the nature.

Otherwise, the separation is inevitable.

Nature does not play with the natural laws.




                    2009-06-30 (15.00)

          Military coup in Honduras

The president Emmanouela Selagia deported to Costa Rica.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is on the side of the exiled president of Honduras.


Greece. From tomorrow no smoking in public places.

The smoke is not only a nuisance for non-smokers.

It is a risk, especially for children.

This is fascism. When you say that fascism is ... to we care about us and our children.


inspector of the public administration.

Unprecedented the corruption in Greek society.

Most of the people bribes to do their work.

Very difficult to descend to the Balkans, Europe.






Michael Jackson had predicted

-I 'll live 150 years.

He lived only 51.

How much should fool  he was!

The ancient Greeks called this Yvris .The contempt of the nature is an insult to it.

The punishment was death.




In Istanbul the researchers of UFO made the fourth conference on 13-14 June. The participants said that  a spacecraft came to the conference .

Thousands of people say that have seen aliens.  I have seen one too. 

Years ago in Rhodes  came  a beautiful  girl in my tent. We made a strong sex until the morning  without saying a word.

Before she leaves  I asked her who she is.

-My name is Bufucutu.I am from a distant star ,she told me and she disappeared.

Until now I have not a reason not to believe her.




British John Berkoou to taking office as representative of the parliament not wearing the black robe, but a suit and tie. Conservative members are very angry with the emergence of John! You have such a serious crime, John; be burned in a fire. Now!

Ireland, engage in violence gypsies (roma).The racists in this country, if not killed each other for religion, violence engaged in foreign minorities.

Cows emit methane and increase the temperature of the planet. We not eat meat. We complain because they are destroying our natural life.

Two glasses of red wine a day, make good health, say doctors. We who drink a glass,  have we half as likely good health?hahaaa.(stupid joke?Why?)

The Indian government banned the party of the Communists.We don't learned how the Indians characterize their government. Dictatorship maybe?


Three Italian columnists curse  Berlusconi.(N.Aspesi,L.Anuntsiata,L.Sotis).

Three Italian ladies (professors of the state) also signed a complaint for the Italian Prime Minister.

The 5 women accuse the Prime Minister because he is 72 years old and he makes sex with girls.

The five women are middle-aged.

Mr Berlusconi is one of the worst political responsibility for Europe.

He has,of course, responsibility for policy, but not for his hormones.

The Nature is responsible for hormones of Mr Berlusconi and of the five Italian ladies.

The Nature forbids the racism of the age and sex and punishes those who do not respect it.

The five Italian ladies teach and inform the Italian people.

This explains why in Italy one like Berlusconi could become prime minister!




 The opposition movement in Iran is dissolved.

 The fundamentalists are far more dangerous than yesterday.

 Then the "bomb" now!

 In Greece, the media belonging to a few wealthy families (Angelopoulos, Vardinogiannis, Bobolas, Lambrakis, Kouris, Tegopoulos etc.)
 These families do what they want in the country.
The journalists who work in them are completely dependent on their bosses.
 At the same time the Greek channels and newspapers accuse the Berlouskoni who is not worse than the Greek enterprises SMEs.

 What audacity and hypocrisy!


 Parliamentary elections in Albania tomorrow.

 Almost 20 years after the change of system the country is still in primitive condition.
Sali Mperisa and Fatos Nano are the politicians who ruined the country.
 Eddie Rama is the new candidate for Prime Minister.
 We don't believe that he will be better.

 Albania is a need to join the European Union.Turkey is also.



 Steven Spilbergk said: There will no be another like Michael Jackson.

 Hey u.  Admire pedophiles!

 Lower your hands on history!

 The history is the work of historians, not the directors of Hollywood.



 Michael Jackson the "king of pop" died in Los Atzeles at 50. So what ?



3.000.000 people died from drink in Russia in the'90s!
At trial again suspects in murder of journalist Politkovskaya.Bravo!


  Galatia Bunia, 25 years, dealing with the dance five hours a day, says today in the newspaper "Ta Nea",maintaining a beautiful body.
  Two hours a day, also she goes to the neighborhood to collect medicines for children in Africa dying from hunger.

  No, not Galatia said that collects  medicines. I said it, because I wanted her to make it.

  Nor has it half an hour for children who are dying.
 But spending 5 hours on the perfect body. Such arrogance!

 (The walking on two legs, does not mean that you are a  woman or a man).


  The organization "SECHTA rebels" sent a notice yesterday in Athens. The text was published in the newspaper "Ta Nea".

 The "Sechta" assumed responsibility for the murder of policeman on 17 June.

 The Notice contains several threats to a large section of Greek society .
 The members of the organization appears to be very angry and the style of the text is very hard.

 Now, all are waiting anxiously the next murder from this paranoid organization.


This medicine may destroy the cancer or  make it small  to be able to perform surgery,such as skin  melanoma, prostate and lung cancer   and disease Chotzikin.
Some patients who took the drug were well and the doctors could not believe it.
The American industrial company that makes the experiments called Bristol-Myers Squibb and Medarex.
The drug IPILIMUMAB enhances the body's immune system and belongs to drugs called monoclonal antibodies
                         IN IRAN TODAY, 2009-06-23 
 We must be realistic with what is happening today in Iran.
 Most involved in the demonstrations in Tehran  don't want to change the Islamic Republic, but seek to bring a "spring" in the country, to stop the obscurantism and regression.

We need more blood, unfortunately, to convince the people of Iran that the revolution is changing everything.
But the history goes at a slow pace.
The real revolution in Iran is not far from today.

 In Liberia the men show that women are property and rape young girls aged 4 years. Of the victims of rape, 62% were girls from babies to 12 years.
The best way to get good grades in school in this country is to have sex with your teachers.
The Liberian government is a parliamentary democracy. The calendar shows in the country in the 21st century!!
The same occurs in other countries such as Congo, Rwanda, Darfur, Bosnia.
                              Who can believe this;
                   In Iran today 22 June 2009
The blood that poured in Iran watering the freedom
Ten dead and dozens more injured in recent demonstrations
Once more the history is right
ΤΗΕ Freedom is not a gift
ΤΗΕ Freedom is won by struggle
         The truth about The Parthenon Marbles

 Noisy cries in Athens. The headlines in newspapers write: The British steal the Elgin Marbles.

 When not wearing colored glasses, you see the real truth about the marbles:
 1. In 1801 the sculptures survived by Elgin. The indifference, but also the destructive fury of the Muslim Turks and Orthodox Greeks was the worst threat .The orthodox have destroyed 80% of ancient Greek monuments.

 2. The British over the years taken advantage of financially the marbls.

 3. The ancient Greek culture has no heirs by blood.
 4. It is the heritage of all humanity.
 5. The sculptures to remain in or return to the museum where they have greater security
 All others have to do with economic interests and nationalism.

 -Many people on the streets of Tehran again today.
 -International news agencies count the dead people in 15 of the first day of events.
-The Agiotalach Ali Hamenei, supports Ahmadinejad.




                                        2009-06-19           *

The newspapers spend whole pages to accuse the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi for his sexual activities!

Recently, newspapers revealed that the Italian lover slept with prostitutes and gave 2,000 euros each.

If he paid the expenses for sex and not the Treasury, which is the problem;

Others are... the sins of the Berlusconi !

If there is a problem here has to do with prostitutes. So much money it costs paid sex in Italy;

The sex is an essential item such as bread. These ladies have no right to increase the price.

Bersloskoni must solve this problem directly.

He has money, most of his countrymen not.

(well- said!).

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